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Romantic Room Makeover

Starting at $650.00

You name the location and our professional event design crew makes over the room. Whether you’re visiting the Seattle area or are a resident, we come to your home or hotel suite and transform your room into a proposal paradise. You provide us with a two hour window when the room will be vacant and we decorate the room with candles, rose petals, along with chilled champagne and two toasting flutes to celebrate the acceptance of your proposal.

Includes: Rose Petals, Bubble Bath, Champagne with flutes, Candles throughout, chocolate covered strawberries

Proposal Duration: Approximately 45 min.

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Scenic Picnic Proposal

Starting at $950.00

Walk hand in hand along the park or nice area sentimental to you and your partner and stumble upon a romantic picnic. A customized picnic theme is chosen by you and your Proposal Planner based on your relationship. The theme includes a picnic blanket, lush pillows, 2 florals bouquets. After you propose, celebrate with chilled cider or champagne, a picnic menu arranged by you and your planner, and chocolate-covered strawberries.

Includes: 2 floral bouquets, Champagne with flutes, Picnic for two with lush pillows, various candles, chocolate covered strawberries. Backdrop optional.

Proposal Duration: Approximately 1 hours 30 min

Light the Night

Starting at $1650.00

You take your girlfriend on a moonlit stroll along a romantic setting chosen by you and your Proposal Planner. Suddenly, she sees a ton of candles ahead. You walk her over and let her know that you set it up all for her and you propose. A bouquet of flowers is waiting for you to hand to her once she says yes.


Includes: 2 floral bouquets, “MARRY ME” (36" tall)  with uplighting, candle lit walk way with rose petals, Champagne with flutes, chocolate covered strawberries


Proposal Duration: Approximately 45 min.

The man made a proposal to marry the girl._A man holding his beloved girl. On the duck bui
Daytime Party

Don't see exactly what you are hoping for?

We will work with you to create one-of-a-kind proposal ideas for your partner that you can’t find on the Internet. Give your partner the proposal of their dreams with a unique and personalized marriage proposal. All proposal ideas will be based on your relationship and your partner.

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